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pharma cos take the lead


When you have the king on your side, everything falls in line. This is an old dictum but its proving right in Delhi. Gujarat and Gujarati companies are the buzz word in New Delhi. Outside the ministers’ bungalows in Lutyens Delhi, luxurious cars with Gujarat state number plates can be seen in the evening. Gujarat food is the new delicacy in the upscale Khan Market restaurants. Gujaratis knows their ‘Dhanda’ well and they don’t waste time in showoff. Gujarati companies are slowly makes inroads in PSUs, government offices, national events, and hospitals. Apart from the big contracts which are tendered, even the small items are being supplied by Gujarat based companies–whether it is cashew nuts, almonds and tissue paper to cash starved Air India or stationary supplies on Civil Services Day. Most of the courier business has gone to Gujarat based companies. Recently, the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has chosen a Gujarat based company for its bulk courier to be delivered across India. The biggest market penetration has been done Gujarati pharma companies and most of the central government hospitals are flooded with medicines and equipment supplied by Gujarati pharma companies. Sources inform that this situation is not only at the Centre but that Gujarati companies are also making inroads in BJP-ruled states.

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