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Yadav V/S Jats : Fierce fight in Bhiwani

Can you imagine that Bhiwani of Bansilal, the so-called ‘Vikas Purush’ of Haryana, can be a terrible and reeking city. But this is the reality of Bhiwani, despite knowing this reality, everyone is helpless before the administration and leaders. Bansilal and Bhiwani are synonymous. Bhiwani is adjacent to the border of Rajasthan. The history of Bhiwani-Mahendragarh parliamentary constituency is as old as its name. Earlier there were separate Lok Sabha seats named Bhiwani and Mahendragarh, but after delimitation, a new seat was formed with the joint name of Bhiwani-Mahendragarh. It is believed that it was done to break the hegemony of the Jat community. The Lok Sabha seat named Bhiwani existed from1977 to 2004. Whereas the Lok Sabha seat named Mahendragarh existed from the second general election of 1957 to 2004. Now the name of this seat is called Mahendragarh Bhiwani Lok Sabha seat. In the delimitation held in 2008, some areas were cut off and the remaining areas were merged to form a new seat (Bhiwani-Mahendragarh). This seat came into existence for the first time in the2009 elections. Dominance of Rao Birendra Singh Mahendragarh seat had become VIP in the year 1971, because Rao Birendra Singh, a descendant of the great independence hero Rao Tularam, had won this seat first time. Before this, Rao Birendra Singh had been the Chief Minister of Haryana. Rao had a powerful presence in Mahendragarh. Elections were held between Rampura House and Anti-Rampura House.
Emergence of Bansilal
The nature of Bhiwani-Mahendragarh seat has been mixed. There was a time, when neither electricity nor water, roads existed, only sand dunes were visible far and wide. When Bansi Lal became the second Chief Minister of Haryana, he not only rejuvenated Bhiwani but took care of overall development of Haryana. Ch. Bansilal has been MP from Bhiwani for three consecutive terms since 1980. His proximity to the former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi was not hidden from anyone. The Indira-Sanjay-Bansilal trio was famous in those days. Bansi Lal’s easy access to Indira Gandhi had opened the doors of development for Haryana. Bansilal was the Chief Minister of the state for three times. Bansilal changed the political circumstances in his favor by changing the social and economic circumstances.

The Division of MLA seats

There are nine assembly seats in Bhiwani parliamentary constituency. Bharatiya Janata Party has five, two seats are with Congress, one seat with Jan Nayak Janata Party and one with an independent candidate out of nine seats. Let us take a look at the situation of the MLAs here. Jaiprakash Dalal of Bharatiya Janata Party is the MLA from Loharu Assembly. Naina Chautala, mother of Haryana Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala, is the MLA from Badhra Assembly. Ghanshyam Saraf of Bharatiya Janata Party from Bhiwani city. Bansi Lal’s daughter-in-law Kiran Choudhary is the MLA of Congress Party from Tosham. Sitaram Yadav is the Bharatiya Janata Party MLA from Ateli. Rao Dan Singh of Congress Party is MLA from Mahendragarh, Omprakash Yadav of Bharatiya Janata Party from Narnaul and Abhay Singh Yadav is MLA from Nangal Chaudhary Assembly seat. Loharu, Badhda, Dadri, Bhiwani, Tosham assembly constituencies are Jat dominated. On the other hand, Mahendragarh, Ateli, Nangal Chaudhary, Narnaul are Yadav dominated.

Cast Equations in Bhiwani

Before we analyze Bhiwani Lok Sabha seat, let us take a lookat the caste equation here. Jat 3,40,000, Ahir 2,60,000, SC B-1,42,000, Brahmin1,34,000, Rajput 91,000, Dhanak 67,000, Khati 52,000, Kumhar 50,000, Gurjar39,000, Saini 34,000, Arora/Punjabi 24,000, Barber 24,000, Nayak 24,000, Other BC 24,000, Valmiki 19,000, Goldsmith 11,000, Other SC 7,000 Others 1,50,000, Total 14,70,000. Total Voters in Bhiwani According to the population census of 2011, the voters of Bhiwani Mahendragarh Lok Sabha seat are approximately 13,65,945, which is approximately 81.2%. On the basis of these figures, we can say that this parliamentary constituency is basically an important area of rural India.

Now, if we talk about urban voters, according to the population of 2011, 3,16,253voters are urban i.e. about 18.8%. This time non-Yadav and non-Jat voters are also seen playing a decisive role in the Bhiwani-Mahendragarh seat which has a majority of Jat and Yadav voters. Political History of Bhiwani Let us look at the parliamentary history of Bhiwani. In 1971and 1977, Haryana’s veteran leader Smt. Chandrawati contested elections from Bhiwani for the first time and won. Bansi Lal did the work of breaking the strong hold of Chandravati when he contested elections from Bhiwani on Congress Party ticket for two consecutive times in the year 1980 and 84 and was victorious. In the year 1987, the situation changed a bit, Lok Dal candidate Chaudhary Ram Narayan Singh contested the election and won. By 1996, Bansi Lal had a rift with Congress and he formed a party in the name of Haryana Vikas Party. In 1996, his son Surendra Singh contested the elections on Haryana Vikas Party ticket and won from Bhiwani. The height of Bansi Lal’s power can begauged from this, be it Devi Lal, Banarasi Das Gupta, Bhajan Lal, and Dr. Bhupendra Singh Hooda, all of them wanted to abolish Bansi Lal’s supremacy in some way or the other. Due to the challenge of dominance of Jats, in 1999 former Deputy Prime Minister Chaudhary Devi Lal fielded his son Ajay Singh Chautala from Bhiwani and defeated Surendra Singh. In 2004, Bansi Lal again lost when Bhajan Lal fielded his son Kuldeep Vishnoi from Bhiwani and made him win. All the old associates of Bansilal were against in this election.

By 2004, Bansilal’s son Surendra Singh reached an agreement with the Congress and merged Haryana Vikas Party with the Congress. Bhupendra Singh Hooda became the Chief Minister but Surendra Singh died in a helicopter crash in2009. His daughter Shruti Chaudhary contested the election and won from Bhiwani. In 2014, just one day before contesting the elections, Chaudhary Dharamveer Singh resigned from the Congress Party and contested the elections on Bharatiya Janata Party ticket in which he defeated Shruti Chaudhary. In 2019, Dharamveer did not want to contest the elections but seeing the storm of Narendra Modi. He decided to contest the elections again and then such a storm blew that he defeated Shruti Choudhary by getting 65% votes. Even today Dharambir is roaming around from city to city with his mind of contesting elections again and he has more faith in Narendra Modi’s work than his own work.

All political parties will try their luck from Bhiwani-Mahendragarh Lok Sabha constituency. As per the situation as of now, the contest here is only between Congress Party and Bharatiya Janata Party. There was a contest between Dharamveer and Shruti Choudhary in the last election also. As a strategy, many women suddenly jumped in the fray in 2019 and the result was visible. Dharambir easily took away the Lok Sabha seat from Shruti Chaudhary. This time non-Yadav and non-Jat voters will also be seen in a decisive role in the Bhiwani-Mahendragarh seat which has a majority of Jat and Yadav voters. In the elections held so far, candidates from Bhiwani-Dadri district have won. INLD, JJP and BJP are trying to move out of Bhiwani to the dominance of Ahirwal. Shruti Chaudhary of Congress won the 2009 Lok Sabha elections and Dharambir Singh of BJP won the 2014 elections. Both of them are from Bhiwani-Dadri district.

In the two elections held so far, the mood of the voters of Mahendragarh has played an important role in their victory. In such a situation, this time there are chances of a contest between Bhiwani-Dadri district versus Mahendragarh district. Only caste equations can change the direction of victory ordefeat in this area. There are a total of 15 lakh 88 thousand voters in Bhiwani-Mahendragarh Lok Sabha constituency. Of which about 3,50,000 are Jat voters and 2,50,000 are Yadav voters. Apart from this, the number of non-Yadav and non-Jat voters is also equal. Almost half of the total voters from this area are women voters. If even a single woman candidate contests from a strong party, it can bring serious trouble for the Congress. This happened in the last election when JJP fielded Swati Yadav as part of its strategy. As a result, Shruti Chaudhary lost the election. Overall, this area has now become the political pitch of Bhiwani-Dadri versus Mahendragarh district.

Emergence of Dharambir

It is said that iron cuts iron. Bhiwani MP Dharambir is a living example of this. Dharambir Singh’s political debut started with the support of Devi Lal, or it can be said that it was Devi Lal who brought Dharambir into politics. The challenge before Devi Lal was how to destroy the dominance of veteran Haryana leader Chaudhary Bansi lal in Bhiwani. Young Dharmbir Singh was arising leader in those days, Chaudhary Devi Lal saw in him the spark to destroy Bansilal’s political dominance. The work started from here. Dharambir Singh has so far defeated all three generations of Bansilal. In the year 1987, when the storm of Devi Lal’s ‘Nyay Yuddh’ was going on, Dharambir Singh defeated Chaudhary Bansilal from Tosham assembly seat. After this, he established his mark by defeating Bansilal’s son Surendra Singh from Tosham assembly seat inthe year 2000.After this, Dharambir Singh defeated Chaudhary Bansilal’s son Surendra Singh and granddaughter Shruti Chaudhary from Bhiwani Lok Sabha constituency in 2014 and 2019 and showed that he is the undisputed leader of Bhiwani Lok Sabha. The roads of Bhiwani are dug up, there are heaps of garbage everywhere, street vendors and street vendors have taken over the roads, but this city is unaware of these problems. This city gets submerged in rains, but the administration here has nothing to do with it. Neither the state government nor the residents here are suffering but helpless. Here, after Charkhi Dadri district was formed, questions of dominance of the Jat community were in shambles. The elections here are fought on the Mustache hairs of Yadavs and Jats. The politics within the Congress party says that if Bhupendra Hooda’s wish is implemented, then Shruti Choudhary will not be able to get a ticket. On the other hand, Bharatiya Janata Party also knows that they have no option other than Dharamveer the r has done the work of challenging Bansilal’s family. Banshilal’s grandson Chaudhary Anirudh Chaudhary is active in Bhiwani under the guidance of Bhupendra Singh Hooda’s son Deependra Hooda.

Now we have to see that in place of Shruti Chaudhary, Bhupendra Singh Hooda kills two birds with one stone, that is, he challenges his aunt Kiran Chaudhary in her own area. Injustice was done to Bhiwani. Out of the last 18 years, nine years were of Bhupendra Singh Hooda and nine years rule of Manohar Lal Khattar proved to be a curse for Bhiwani. Everyone in the state kept watching. Sources pointed out, If Bhiwani develops then the power of Kiran Choudhary and Dharamveer will be established. But in this political tug of war, Bhiwani city lagged behind in the race of development compared to other districts of Haryana.

Now let’s see how the war will intensify between the divided Congress leader Kiran Choudhary and Bhupendra Singh Hooda. Dharamveer wants to hoist the flag of Bharatiya Janata Party riding on the image of Narendra Modi. Apart from this, here one can also see the roar of supremacy of Yadavs of Charkhi Dadri and Mahendragarh in politics. This election will also be interesting because when the candidates of Omprakash Chautala’s son Abhay Singh and his grandson Dushyant Chautala will contest, it remains to be seen how the conflict between Jats and Yadavs aggravate in Bhiwani. For political supremacy, it will become clear in the coming days in Bhiwani how the division of Jats will make the victory of Bharatiya Janata Party easier.
It surprises every one that Dharamveer, being an MP, does not want to interfere in local matters and the administration is not concerned about what will happen to the rotting roads and neighbourhoods of Bhiwani, Charkhi Dadri and Mahendragarh. Someone will vote in the name of Modi, Jat and Yadav, but no one is concerned about what will happen to the development of Bhiwani- Mahendragarh’s citizen and city.
Note ; Pl watch the Video on Bhiwani Parliamentary Constituency

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