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Talk Time

‘We need to plan across the system, focus on outcomes’

Over a year since your appointment, what are your principal reflections on your role and how the different aspects of it intersect? It...

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‘You should always have respect for people’s votes and opinions’

Prime Minister, according to the latest EIU democracy index, Norway is the most democratic country in the world. How significant are democracy and...

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‘Our economic sources have been killed’

You have given more than seven decades of your life to environment conservation and social service as a Gandhian. You turned 88 last...

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‘India is like home’

Before we discuss the situation at present and the possibilities in the future, can we go back to the past? I wish to...

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‘Noida better than Gurgaon’

Why is law and order so bad in Gautam Buddh Nagar district? Where is it bad? A perception has been created. It is...

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‘Public participation in government projects is very much possible’

gfiles: You are known for taking innovative steps for development in a majority of the posts you held. What are the initiatives for...

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‘We have introduced a gender lens in all sectors’

gfiles: What has been left undone? Syeda Hameed: I will begin on a positive note of what has been done. Our chapter in...

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‘Bar criminals from contesting elections’

gfiles: What are the issues in the forthcoming election? SYQ: Every election is essentially the same, with a little variation. Fortunately, muscle power...