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Governance : Who’s afraid of RTI Act?

IN the mid-sixties, there was a popular play titled ‘Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf’?’ a parody of the song ‘Who’s Afraid of Big...


Governance : ‘Development’ scam : Tale of a duplicate highway

PREDATORY pursuit of cement and concrete ‘Development’ model was bound to lead to scams and scandals. That is what has precisely happened in...

Cover Story

Cover Story : Is IAS self-destructing?

WRITING in the March 2011 issue of gfiles I had raised a poser whether there is hope for civil services to survive and...


Governance : NITI Ayog – Where is the transformation?

AT The Economic Times’s Global Business Summit in mid-January 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi clearly laid out his Transformation Agenda. After presenting a...


Governance : Digitalising farm market?

THE Government of India (GoI) is working on creating a common agricultural market that will improve the lot of farmers and the efficiencies...


INDIA’S COASTLINE IN PERIL : Whither environmental governance?

INDIA is a land of diverse ecology and its ecosystems include oceans, deserts, forests, mountains, grasslands and wetlands. It has a land frontier...


Governance : Writing for a decade… in vain?

FROM the second issue of gfiles, I have been writing in almost all issues, mainly on governance and civil services. I have lost...


Governance : Civil Services Booting out the incompetent?

IN mid-January 2017, Chhattisgarh State Home department, complying with the order of Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) dated January 5, gave compulsory retirement...


Governance : Judicial Conundrum The prudent way out

AMIDST the intense cry and cacophony over ‘demonetisation’, grievous governance wounds that bleed the nation are getting sidelined. Most important among them is...


Dissecting ‘Demonetisation’

DEMONETISATION is not the end but the beginning of a ‘long, deep and constant’ battle against black money and corruption and will benefit...