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Saturday , 10 June 2023



Perspective : Keeping focus

FOR the past 12 years, I have led an annual pilgrimage to Mount Kailash, undeniably the most mystical mountain on the planet. Centuries...


Perspective : Liberate yourself from imagination

ONE of the reasons the word spirituality arouses such suspicion in our world today is the fact that it is pursued by several...


Perspective : Life is a dance

IN modern times, the human mind is increasingly seen as a source of torment rather than wonder. Unfortunately, a source of magic has...


Door to divinity

The unfortunate fallout of the colonial experience is the attitude of scorn that persists in certain minds towards the worship of idols or...


Geometric allure

IF we looked at the world around us with some attention, we would see that existence is essentially geometry. Every aspect of creation...


Of the fires within

MYTHOLOGY is replete with stories about fire, indicating the significance of this element in human perception. From Agni, the god of fire, sacrifice...


Making the leap

THERE is a great curiosity in certain circles about mystical experiences. Many claim to have had extraordinary paranormal experiences that they cite as...


Mystery of creation

IT is only a juvenile intelligence that analyses and arrives at a conclusion. If your intelligence is sufficiently evolved, you realise that the...


Play of Five Elements

ESSENTIALLY, the body is a play of five elements or pancha bhutaswater, earth, air, fire, akash. Everything you call a physical creation has...


Open your mind

ONE of the biggest problems in the world today is the fact that a system of morality is imposed on the human mind...

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