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Friday , 2 June 2023



Flowering is a spiritual process

ONE day, when I proposed planting flowering trees at the yoga centre, a very practical ashram resident asked me, Whats the use? Why...


Perspective : Go as a seeker

FOR over 12,000 years, there has been an unbroken record of people from the Indian subcontinent making the pilgrimage to Mount Kailash. This...


Enlightenment is a homecoming

MOST people think peace is the ultimate goal of spirituality. This is one of the great misconceptions of our times. Peace and joy...


Perspective : The inward shift

THE UN declaration of June 21 as International Yoga Day comes at a crucial moment in human history. The science of yoga is...


Perspective : Essence of intellect

We live in times when the human intellect has been given a role utterly disproportionate to its intended function. This is due to...


Perspective : The ultimate union

IN yogic culture, there are two aspects to Shiva. The word Shiva literally means that which is not. Everything that is has come...


Discard the baggage

HUMAN memory is the very basis of civilisation. It is the fundamental ingredient responsible for all science, technology and culture on the planet....


Energising spaces

MANY years ago, when I first said, Lets build a temple, people around me were incredulous. They said, A temple? Because of you...


Land of seekers

NATIONS are created on the basis of race, religion, language or ethnicity. India, however, is a mind-bogglingly complex combination of all these ingredients...


Reaching the point of mukti

Someone once asked me, Whats the point of mukti or liberation? How is it useful? I said, First tell me, does your life...

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