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Farewell gift to backroom boys

AT the fag end of its tenure, the UPA government is setting examples of bad governance and politicising the appointments in various government...

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All for Suhag

THE impending appointment of the next Army chief to fill the vacancy arising on July 31, 2014, has raised a raging controversy. As...

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Taking the plunge

THE debate is on: should civil servants looking to join politics soon after retirement or quitting service be allowed to do so without...

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Civil servants as political masters!

DECADES ago, when I entered the portals of the National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, as an IAS Probationer, the first principle drummed into...

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Should a civil servant join politics?

HURTLING towards the watershed Lok Sabha elections, the country is witnessing a growing trend of retired civil servants joining the ranks of political...

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‘Bar criminals from contesting elections’

gfiles: What are the issues in the forthcoming election? SYQ: Every election is essentially the same, with a little variation. Fortunately, muscle power...

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Electoral Integrity: Key to corruption-free India

THE anti-corruption rhetoric has been the flavour of the last several seasons with a political party morphing out of it and briefly capturing...

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Elections 2014: THE MONEY GAME

WITH elections to the 16th Lok Sabha round the corner, all eyes are now on the Election Commission. With more than 80 crore...

V S Sampath, Chief Election Commissioner
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‘Political parties should avoid making promises difficult to fulfill’

V S Sampath believes that the Election Commission should be given greater autonomy and more power for its effective functioning. He advocates for...