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Bitcoin – Fraud Coins

IT’S either the biggest fraud in financial history or the biggest revolution in human civilisation. In a few years, it will either trade...

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Cover Story : King Karti

TWENTY-FIVE years ago, when Palaniappan Chidambaram was the Commerce Minister, he claimed that he was the bigger and better reformer than Manmohan Singh,...


Cover Story : BSNL buying outdated 2G technology

ALREADY Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh has raised concerns about 2G in LWE areas installed by BSNL, now other states too have objected. World...

Indian Administrative Services
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Cover Story : Indian Administered Service Demolishing the dream of Sardar Patel

Lateral hiring may sound like an exciting concept, but it is a flawed one for several reasons. For one, it will destroy what...

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Cover Story : Is IAS self-destructing?

WRITING in the March 2011 issue of gfiles I had raised a poser whether there is hope for civil services to survive and...

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Cover Story : Richest Indian on shaky ground

AVENUE Supermarts’ business model seems to be on a shaky ground by its own admission; there seems to be some form of a...


MERGER OF OIL COMPANIES : Caught on the wrong foot

IT started with a lack of clarity. And it may end up with more confusion. The government’s aim to effect mega-mergers between State-owned...

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Cover Story : Kashmir-Spinning out of control

CLAMOUR for peace is the buzzword when it comes to discussing Kashmir situation in the midst of current spate of violence. It has...

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Cover Story : Dialogue, the only way out

KASHMIR’ has been and, in all probability, will remain India’s perpetual ‘work-in-progress’ in the foreseeable future. Lack of political imagination/will, both in New...

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Cover Story : Can we retain Kashmir?

TODAY, more than ever before, people are asking the million dollar question: Can India retain Kashmir? And it is strange that the question...