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State Scan

Jyotiraditya Scindia : OVERRATED TURNCOAT

An illusory aura continues to surround some ‘majestic’ politicians until their own drastic action impels one to carefully deconstruct their persona. Jyotiraditya Scindia...

First Stirrings

First Stirrings : Facing up to crises

Uttar Pradesh is a very big State. In my opinion, the State needs to be divided into more manageable areas of administration-Western UP,...

Cover Story

A step towards ‘minimum government’?

RUMOUR is the grist of bureaucracy. It breaks bureaucratic monotony and adds a little excitement in the otherwise drab world of contributing to...

By the Way

By the way : Neighbours in shock

It appears that the Finance Ministry had a myopic view about demonetisation. Nobody in the Ministry asked about or suggested that demonetisation will...

By the Way

By the way : Perform or perish

Events of the last few days only confirm that civil servants, even senior ones, can be shown the door at any time. K...

By the Way

Khera and his kitchen garden

It is well known that the de facto boss of the Sheila Dikshit Government in Delhi was Pawan Khera. After sister Rama Dhawan,...

From the Editor

From the Editor

FEBRUARY is the month when even the common man discusses the overall economic scenario and annual budget’s impact on their pocket. Now, the...

Bric a Brac

Playing the game

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, puts on a straight face but actually is a chameleon politically. Sources in political circles inform...


Tracking – June 2017

Rakesh Srivastava The 1981-batch IAS officer of the Rajasthan cadre has been appointed Secretary, Ministry of Women & Child Development. Leena Nair The...