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Bric a Brac

Terror in Lutyen’s Delhi

A slowdown in the economy can be good for those shadowy players, who operate in invisible and clandestine ways and own enormous...

First Stirrings

First Stirrings : Quick response

ATUL Chaturvedi, 66, was born in a family of civil servants. His father, PN Chaturvedi, was a PCS who was coopted into...

Cover Story


ADVERTISING : The name itself conjures up exciting images. Passion. Glamour. Celebrities. Parties. To name just a few. These signals are enough...

01-Ritayan-04-RM-‘The happy days are now just nostalgia’

Climate crisis knocking on our doors

INDIA is a developing country with limited financial resources. The country is striving to provide basic amenities to its growing population. Climate...