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An ASSURED way to enrich lives

KOCHERIL Raman Narayanan was the 10th President of India, and one of our most accomplished civil servants, distinguished diplomats and stellar academicians....

Civil Services Day

For next-gen governance

Important points emerged in the panel discussion on ‘Context and Challenges of the Civil Services in India’ and thus surfaced suggestions on...

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Senseless conventions

Administration of the human resource within the government is a complex web. The services, especially civil service officers, are explicitly managed by...

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From Raj to Rafale 8 : Conspiracy of complicity

AS we saw in the previous two pieces, Indira Gandhi dictated the new rules of corruption, which ensured that every single government...

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To probe or not to probe

MINISTRY of Defence Production secretariat is agog with the buzz regarding the recommendation of an enquiry by the Chief Vigilance Commission about...