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Developing oneself

RECENTLY a certain occasion warranted me to go to Ranchi to see my younger brother, Avinash Kumar, who is an IAS officer in...

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Right to reputation

WE often read newspaper reports of judges allegedly commenting on the work and conduct of the executive and its members. Very recently, my...

For fear of contempt of court, grievances against the judiciary are either not aired or not redressed
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Transparent Judiciary : Need of the hour

CONTEMPT of court! These three words every judge would love to use whenever he feels that the person in front of him, or...

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Improper conduct

THE All India Services (Conduct) Rules, 1968 through which we, as IAS and IPS officers, are governed states in the very beginning of...

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Kejriwal shows the way

ARVIND Kejriwal’s name today is probably hotter than those of many Bollywood stars and cricketers, the two spheres which have been the most...