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Nehru: A beloved of every Indian householder

Jawaharlal Nehru was an Indian anti-colonial nationalist, statesman, secular humanist, social democrat, and author who was a central figure in India during the...

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The emergence of judiciary and medi: Testing times

WHERE does power to get things done or power to provide relief and redress or power to punish and reward, for that matter,...

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Book Review : Making of a mass leader

THESE three opening sentences of the book sum up the entire life of the man. Born to a woman of tremendous force and...

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Book Review : Modi -The Man of the Moment

Shireen-tar az hikayate-e-maa neest qissa-e Tareekh-e-roozgar sarapa navishta em. No story is as sweet as mine, I have written all history from beginning...


Bicameral incongruities

“If a second chamber dissents from the first, it is mischievous; if it agrees, it is superfluous.” – Abbé de Sièye, political philosopher...

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Book Review : Without Bitterness

REMEMBER that the vicissitudes of covering a story do not make a story!” Nikhil Chakravartty of Mainstream fame used to tell us during...


Modi’s Gambit

TALKING about corruption is a favourite Indian pastime. It is a topic that never seems to turn stale, or tire or bore anyone....


Modi’s endgame

One word is often enough to sum up the entire life and career of a man, whatever his sphere of activity. Just one...

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A hegemon in the making

IT was clear from the very beginning of this election campaign that NarendraModi is not a leader from the traditional mould. His rise...