Book Review

Book Review

A life in secret

RAM Nath Kao (1918-2002) is not one of those Indian officers who can be easily forgotten by bureaucrats, politicians and even journalists, despite...

book review
Book Review

From behind the steel frame

THE British East India Company came to this subcontinent to trade and provide lucrative returns to its shareholders in London. In the process,...

Book Review

Classified reality

IN the era of star whistleblowers such as Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and massive leaks or releases of classified, often highly disturbing...

Book Review

Spies who came in from the cold

THE book, jointly authored by India’s former Indian Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) chief Amarjit Singh Dulat and the Pakistan’s former Inter Services...

Book Review

Book Review : A miserable failure

IT’S ironical that a book that aims to create a myth and living legend of an individual itself has seedlings, even large plants,...

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Book Review : Challenges of old age care

THE sinister shadow of urbanisation, industrialisation, and atomisation of families has not only deprived the elders of the societal reverence, traditional family love...

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Book Review : Understanding self

SINCE most of the times we completely identify with our mind and thoughts, we fail to observe and be aware of our thinking...

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Book Review : Compelling study

THE Indian Parliament – Beyond the Seal and Signature of Democracy is a very fascinating book on the working and the progress of...

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Book Review : Decriminalising the victims

THE facts contained in the book may have faded out of the memory of most since it is based on the events that...

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Book Review : Mirroring society through judgments

THE book, The Voice Within….Social messages through Judgments, by Justice Kailash Gambhir, looks at the ills plaguing society which have been given profound...