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No holiday for PMO


Does the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) work on Sundays? Yes! That era has gone when the PMO used to shut on Saturdays and Sundays. Now it’s open 365 days. Even on Diwali or Holi, the PMO works. Sharp 10 a.m office is open. Sunday has a few issues as the office is cleaned by PWD staff so visitors may see some dried leaves and water in the corridors. It’s little difficult to reach the PMO if there is a holiday as the North-South Block entrance is barricaded and there is another check point just before the PMO. But if one has an appointment, it is completely hassle-free. The security staff and other members are very courteous. Every visitor is first escorted to the waiting room, then officer is informed and at an appointed time, the visitor is called with an escort. Loitering is not allowed in the PMO. The waiting room too is interesting and gives you an idea of life. The painted roof depicts the four stages of ‘Grihastha’: The first “brahmacharya” or the student stage; the second “grihastha” or the householder stage; the third “vanaprastha” or the hermit stage; and the fourth “sanyasa” or the ascetic stage. Just when you are engrossed in the paintings, an assistant invites you to come for the meeting with the official. There is an eerie silence in the corridors. Shushh… The PMO is working!

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