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War Games

NATIONAL security is one of the biggest issues of governance. If the security of a nation is lax, the havoc that could be created is unimaginable. So, when a nation elects any Prime Minister, a paramount concern is, can the leader provide security. Post the surgical strikes, Indians are worried; what will happen if there is an India-Pakistan war? I want to clear the mist that India will in no way choose a roadmap that leads to war, though minor surgical operations will keep on hammering Pakistan. India is very much safe and secure, thanks to our brave soldiers and military leadership. If we observe, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is under pressure from the military, the military from Islamic forces, and both are under threat from terrorists. Terrorists are pawns of international forces which use them for their social, political and economic ends within the territory and outside. Pakistan is riding just on its geographical location, its military, population and a nuclear bomb.