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October 2019


Film actor Raj Kapoor is considered by many to be the biggest showman of the film industry. Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being hailed as the greatest showman of Indian politics. The Howdy Modi show in USA with the slogan ‘Shared Dreams, Bright Futures’ organised by the Texas India Forum, was definitely spectacular. No doubt, it has augmented the image, aura, and impact of Modi across the world not only among Indians but among US citizens also. Why is Modi emphasising on foreign relations so much? His critics say he has been building up ‘Brand Modi’ abroad. The Prime Minister is clear that with the support of the three million Indian diaspora, he can market himself much better. Strengthening these relations is a big component of his foreign policy. Modi obviously feels that the power of the diaspora should be harnessed for the growth of India and his own image.

He has a mission of making India a $5-trillion economy by 2024, but this high-pitched target is tricky only through internal resources. Modi is clear that unless there is a foreign capital inflow, it will be an uphill task to accelerate India’s growth. He has been aggressively focusing on USA, Russia, Germany, France, China, Brazil, South Africa and the UK.