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Running with lateral entry!

If one observes the trends of recruitment by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), it appears the government intends to focus more on the lateral entry system. The declining numbers were revealed when Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh, in a reply to Rajya Sabha, stated that the number has declined in the last four years. Though he gave the numbers of all the recruitment exams conducted by UPSC, a similar trend is seen in the Civil Services exams conducted to select candidates for the top administrative posts like the IAS and IPS. The Minister stated that the number of personnel recruited by the UPSC has declined in the last four years and reached its lowest of 2,352 in 2018-19. According to statistics, a total of 3,750 candidates were recommended by the UPSC in 2015-16; 3,020 in 2016-17; 3,083 in 2017-18 and 2,352 in 2018-19. For the Civil Services too, the numbers have come down since 2015 when 1,164 vacancies were announced. Similarly, in the year 2016 the numbers further declined to 1,029 and to 980 in 2017. It further reduced to 782 in the year 2018. However, it saw a minor rise at 896 in 2019. The trend is likely to continue as the motto of the government is ‘less government and more governance’. The thrust for lateral entry and de-linking of the Railway Services from the Civil Services examination, all indicate that the number of vacancies for Civil Services Examination would see an uptrend – the corollary being less recruitment.

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