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Eyes wide shut

A unique initiative

I have spent almost four decades in government. But in my knowledge, never before has a campaign to introduce and spread ethics in...

Eyes wide shut

Ethics of governance

A new chapter was recently added to the old debate on the relationship between the political executive and the senior bureaucracy when the...

Eyes wide shut

Lateral entry needs a new perspective

WHAT started as a proposed idea has now emerged in a concrete form with the Department Of Personnel and Training issuing an advertisement...

Eyes wide shut

Falling back on generalities

SWOOSH! Another civil service day has just passed like an ephemeral shower of April. Nothing seems to have changed a bit in government....

Eyes wide shut

Recognise the small entrepreneur

IT is widely believed, and not without substance, that the recent large scale replacement of currency has caused avoidable distress to the small...

Eyes wide shut

Demonetisation: The jury is still out

WHEN we are confronted with the evidence in any matter, for example a personal or a political issue, the cognitive process in our...

Eyes wide shut

Puzzling silence

I N the foreword to the White Paper on the ‘State of Law and Order in Delhi’ that was released to the media...

Eyes wide shut

It’s time for conscious public service delivery

WORKING on the concept of institutional ethics as a possible solution to the menace of corruption in government, the IC Centre for Governance...

Eyes wide shut

The malady of political interference

IN the last seven decades, innumerable studies on civil services have been conducted from time to time. They have been read, commented on...

Eyes wide shut

A cruel pattern comes to the fore

IT is a tale of two cases in quick succession, where two senior civil servants were put on trial for alleged acts of...