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Friday , 9 June 2023
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Perspective : Inner dimension

MOST people do not realize to what extent their lives moulded by memory. What a human being considers to be me is essentially...


Perspective : Art of knowing

WHY do I invoke Adiyogi or Shiva so recurrently? It is a question I am often asked. The answer to that is simple....


Perspective : For a seamless life

MUCH has been written about how the world perceives a guru. The modern world is capable of both extremes-ardent devotion at one end...


Perspective : Expanding the boundaries

HUMAN beings have long attempted to tether, with all manner of pacifist philosophies, their innate longing to become much more than what they...


Perspective : We are wonderful, but we are too many

THE global environmental crisis is no longer a myth but a clear statement of facts. People are advocating recycling and alternate systems of...


Perspective : More than a dream

MUCH importance has been given by New Age spirituality to dream and dream states. Unfortunately, dreams are often interpreted today in ways that...


Perspective : Health cultures

TRADITIONAL health cultures everywhere are founded on a basic premise: that the human organism is naturally geared for health. Since the body is...


Perspective : The fires within

EVERYTHING that we know as physical creation  our body, the planet, the universe, the trillions of forms that life has donned ...


Perspective : Free of all limits

SELF-ESTEEM is a phrase much in vogue today. While it may promote a measure of psychological well-being, it is unfortunate that even spiritual...


Perspective : Keeping focus

FOR the past 12 years, I have led an annual pilgrimage to Mount Kailash, undeniably the most mystical mountain on the planet. Centuries...

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