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Prabhat Kumar Former Cabinet Secretary

Eyes wide shut

A unique initiative

I have spent almost four decades in government. But in my knowledge, never before has a campaign to introduce and spread ethics in...

Eyes wide shut

Ethics of governance

A new chapter was recently added to the old debate on the relationship between the political executive and the senior bureaucracy when the...

By the Way

Experience counts

WHAT do cabinet secretaries do when they retire? Being at the helm of the affairs of India, they are usually busy in academic...

Eyes wide shut

Lateral entry needs a new perspective

WHAT started as a proposed idea has now emerged in a concrete form with the Department Of Personnel and Training issuing an advertisement...

Eyes wide shut

Falling back on generalities

SWOOSH! Another civil service day has just passed like an ephemeral shower of April. Nothing seems to have changed a bit in government....

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Cover Story

Cover Story : Indian Administered Service Demolishing the dream of Sardar Patel

Lateral hiring may sound like an exciting concept, but it is a flawed one for several reasons. For one, it will destroy what...