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THE parliamentary constituency of Amethi has been continuously in the news for the last 3O years as Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have been contesting from this seat for the Congress. This seat has some sort of magic; whosoever plans to contest from this seat becomes popular across the country overnight. Aam Aadmi Party candidate Kumar Vishwas’ candidature has created a furore among Congress Party officials. It was more so because Sanjay Singh, a strong Thakur leader of UP and MP from Sultanpur, planned to desert the Congress Party at a time when the party is fighting its battle for survival. For so many years, Sanjay Singh has been completely neglected by the party. He used to wonder what happened to the party, where the facilitators of major industrial houses have become ministers and political leaders are being ignored. The moment the Congress realised that winning Amethi will be difficult without the active support of Thakur of Amethi, everybody in the party started talking to him. Singh is well-connected in every political party, BJP’s top brass too, has been in touch with him. The only way to stop Sanjay from joining the BJP, would be with an assurance of a settled political career. Finally, the Thakur got a Rajya Sabha nomination from Assam which has assured him political stability for six years. It is yet to be seen if Sanjay will be given some important job in UP or not.

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