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Amit Shah’s proxy in Nitish camp

devising post election strategy


PRASHANT Kishor runs Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG) since 2013 and more recently, in October 2018, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar appointed Kishor as Vice President of the JD(U). Prashant reportedly has a habit of ignoring the suggestions of top party leaders and doing as he pleases.

Congress Party’s top leaders have experienced it when he was planning for the party in the UP-assembly elections.

Observing his clout and nature, Nitish Kumar had to publicly announce in Patna that he has appointed Kishor because Amit Shah has recommended Kishor to him several times. So now it’s an open secret that Kishor is Amit Shah’s henchman.

Politicians are not able to understand how Kishor can work for Modi, Amit Shah, Amrinder Singh, Rahul Gandhi or Jagan Reddy? Sources disclosed that Kishor has convinced Nitish Kumar that BJP is not likely to get an absolute majority in the 2019 general elections and in the fractured mandate, Nitish has a bright chance to become the Prime Minister of India. Not surprisingly, Kishor recently landed in Mumbai and met Shiv Sena Chief Udhav Thackeray. Some highly placed sources in the Shiv Sena say that the meeting was neither about offering professional services nor bridging the gap between the two parties. The role of parties like the Shiv Sena, which are expected to cross double digits, may be vital for someone like Nitish Kumar in a hung house scenario. Having a non-BJP (or anyone else but Modi) Prime Minister, that too from within the NDA, would be a set up the Shiv Sena apparently would not mind. Rather, it would lead to a comfortable positioning for the Sena. And that perhaps would also suit the Sena’s BJP-bashing image — both sides of their bread would be buttered. So, was Kishor an emissary of Nitish Kumar or Amit Shah?

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