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Silly Point

Silly Point : A modern-day churning

THOSE of you who remember the story of Samudra Manthan will recall that the Devtas led by Lord Indra had lost heaven...

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Five billion passengers and earning is $6.14 per passenger claims Willie Walsh, Director General IATA

Willie Walsh Director General IATA presented a report at the 80th IATA Annual General Meeting, Dubai and where he claimed the following Airlines...


Aviation Leaders Assemble in Dubai for IATA’S 80th AGM

Dubai, The International Air Transport (IATA) announced that the leaders of the global airlines Industry are gathering in #Dubai. United Arab Emirates for...


Nehru: A beloved of every Indian householder

Jawaharlal Nehru was an Indian anti-colonial nationalist, statesman, secular humanist, social democrat, and author who was a central figure in India during the...

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Is Netanyahu, PM Israel, under pressure to resign?

Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel on April 14, in retaliation for an alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria, represented the most dangerous round of...

Election 2024Politics

Will BJP be able to retain back 23 out of 48 Maharashtra Lok Sabha Seats?

There are 48 Lok Sabha seats in Maharashtra. This time Lok Sabha elections are going to be held in four phases in the...

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Yadav V/S Jats : Fierce fight in Bhiwani

Can you imagine that Bhiwani of Bansilal, the so-called ‘Vikas Purush’ of Haryana, can be a terrible and reeking city. But this is...