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Governance : My right or State’s?

PRIVACY invades almost aspect of our lives. Sadly, slowly but surely, privacy is vanishing out of our lives. You switch on the phone,...

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Metro : Myths

IN 2016-17, over a billion people rode the Delhi Metro. On some days, over 3.5 million boarded the trains. Based on similar high...

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Cover Story : Richest Indian on shaky ground

AVENUE Supermarts’ business model seems to be on a shaky ground by its own admission; there seems to be some form of a...


MERGER OF OIL COMPANIES : Caught on the wrong foot

IT started with a lack of clarity. And it may end up with more confusion. The government’s aim to effect mega-mergers between State-owned...


Emaar MGF : Loot in the open

It’s a story that has all the classic and inherent ingredients of a mega scandal—a realtor operating in India, where most real estate...


Governance : A decade of paradoxes

IT was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of...

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Cover Story : Dynamics of Reservation

IT is indeed ironical. The job reservation policies, especially in the government and public sector jobs, has worked so well that the erstwhile...

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Book Review : A miserable failure

IT’S ironical that a book that aims to create a myth and living legend of an individual itself has seedlings, even large plants,...

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Cover Story : Tata-Mistry Feud What Lies Behind?

ROME wasn’t built in months. Nor was it destroyed in months. The same is the case with the spat between Ratan Tata, interim...


Time to walk the talk

AFTER Swachh Bharat, it is now time for Operation Swachh Banks. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has initiated a massive nation-wide campaign...