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Backroom boys of RSS

new league of political masters

THIS time around, the RSS does not want to skip any chance to understand the government well and penetrate the system. Work has already started on getting a grip on the political and administrative setup of the Central government and the BJP-ruled state governments. With the announcement that no minister will appoint his relatives and/or PA, PS in the ministries, the RSS has evolved a new formula. It has selected educated full-timers who have knowledge of different domains of government. As a result, in the Central government and in Haryana, many offices are full of new faces. Sources say that in Haryana, as the Chief Minister is less experienced in administration, the RSS has given a few extra hands to help him in running the government. Whenever there are meetings of the cabinet or officials, three or four young faces enter along with Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and they sit behind the Chief Minister. The surprising part is that nobody knows their names and designations and the CM never introduces them. These RSS workers have been seen whispering with the CM in the meetings and whatever they tell him in the meetings is implemented. It’s also learnt that in the Central government, every Cabinet and state minister is being provided with trained RSS workers to monitor and implement the agenda of the BJP. This has already been done in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Tactically, a homogenous workforce is being made available to the ministers with likeminded ethos and culture. Watch out for the results!

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