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Change is in the air

New look for Rajya Sabha


The dynamics within the Rajya Sabha will change this year as 69 members of the house will retire in 2020. One nominated member veteran advocate K.T.S Tulsi is retiring in February. As many as 51 members will retire in April while 11 members retire in November 2020. One member will retire in July and 5 members in June 2020. As per the rule, one-third members of the house retire after every two year and new members are elected by the state legislatures. The prominent ones are Sharad Pawar (Maharastra), Ramdas Athawale (Maharashtra), Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s confidant Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha Harivansh (Bihar), Vijay Goel (Rajasthan), Laloo’s trusted Lieutenant Prem Chand Gupta (Bihar), Congress’ Adivasi Leader Madhu Sudan Mistry (Gujarat), Andhra’s Congress Leader T.Subbarami Reddy (Andhra), Haryana Congress President Kumari Shailja (Haryana), prominent face of BJP in Bihar Dr. C. P. Thakur (Bihar), and Congress’ Veteran Leader Moti Lal Vohra (Chhattisgarh). Prime Minister Narendra Modoi has to decide who will replace KTS Tulsi as a nominated member.

Sharad Pawar has to decide whether he will continue as a parliamentarian or will lead as a patriarch. Harivansh also will also have a smooth re-nomination from his mentor Nitish Kumar as he has worked hard for balancing JDU and BJP leadership in Delhi. In a short time Harivansh has made a place for himself as a parliamentarian. Vijay Goel a politician from Delhi was hammered by many politicians within BJP, so he surrendered his services to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. Though he wishes to be the Chief Minister of Delhi, it seems to be a tough walk. Now, It’s up to Amit Shah and Modi whether they would like to send Vijay Goel back to Rajya Sabha or not. Maverick T. Subbarami Reddy doesn’t have any chance as Congress was wiped out in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections.

The BJP may not re-nominate Bhumihar leader Dr. C. P. Thakur as he is 89 years old. The re-nomination of Moti Lal Vohra entirely depends on Sonia Gandhi, though he is aged but he is an insider and loyal party leader. Digvijay Singh and Shailja’s re-nomination is beyond any doubt as both are very influential in their respective states. Madhu Sudan Mistry is a tribal leader of Gujarat and close to Rahul Gandhi. In the given scenario, it’s to be seen how his victory can be assured in Ahmedabad.

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