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From Dubai with love

enter a tall and slim power broker

Behind most power centres are beautiful, attractive and intelligent women, who act as the behind-the-scene forces in palaces. We know about Niira Radia’s network and influence within UPA-II. But there were others too, who were active, but remained away from the public glare. Hence, for four years, the observers of Raisina Hill were perplexed, intrigued, even piqued about the lack of powerful beauties within the corridors of power. But then they were not looking hard enough. The social grapevine of the Capital talks mischievously and mysteriously about a tall, fair, and slim woman in her mid-40s, who travels in BMWs and Mercedes, and who has infiltrated the powers-that-be through a Muslim network that operates out of Dubai. A top Muslim clergy from Andhra Pradesh patronises her. She claims to be in regular touch with small-time BJP leaders from Jharkhand. At present, she is close to lawyers and judges, with a hold on the Haryana bureaucracy and business. She boasts of her proximity to senior officers in Delhi Police; a few journalists who wanted to expose her nefarious activities were threatened by these police officers. However, the Dubai links are crucial. The above-mentioned Muslim clergy is close to the “Saheb”. He also runs an NGO, which receives huge funds from the Gulf region. The lady-in-question runs a shop in prominent and elitist Khan Market. Now that we know about this gorgeous presence in Lutyens Delhi, we will closely track her activities over the next few months. Watch this space in case you are interested!

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