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Hooda keeps the flag flying

campaigns in Chhattisgarh


HARYANA Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda knows exactly how to keep the Congress party boss- es happy. No job or distance is too much. Everybody was surprised in Congress circles when Hooda landed at Raipur for campaigning. After all, Hooda is not a national leader and he does not have a mass following in the country, except in Haryana. However, some rich farmers who received handsome compensation for their land in Haryana, bought land in Chhattisgarh. After attending many public meetings across the state, Hooda camped for four days in Rajanandgaon, where assembly election was historic this time. Congress treasurer and Rajya Sabha member Motilal Vora’s son, Arun Vora, contested from the constituency. Arun had lost from Rajanandgaon three times, so it became a prestige issue for Motilal and his well-wishers (read Congress top brass) to win the seat. All the staff and members of the AICC hoped Arun could win as Motilal is loved by all. So Hooda was deputed to hold the fort, and he definitely kept the flag flying. The voters of Rajanandgaon were ‘very happy’ with Hooda’s benevolence. Arun won the election and the age- ing, humble, worried Motilal is now happy and gratified as he had personally requested Sonia Gandhi to allot this seat to his son.

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