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facilitators make hay in BJP


THERE are bound to be facilitators (names withheld) wherever the power is and the BJP-ruled states are no exception. It may sound surprising when Prime Minister Narendra Modi claims, “Na khaunga na khane doonga”. This especially as the facilitators don’t do business in a clandestine manner, rather it’s all quite in the open. These henchmen, most of them with an RSS background, have reportedly been deployed by Amit Shah in the Chief Minister Secretariats as Officer on Special Duty or Political Secretary. Big states like UP and Maharastra have been divided among many facilitators depending on the revenue generating options. All major work is being routed through these facilitators, be it public works, health, education, transport, and even the operations of major money churning state corporations Most of the BJP Chief Ministers have to follow the instructions of these facilitators or else their reluctance will be reported to the big boss. These facilitators travel to Delhi and meet the big boss every week and do the accounting. Meanwhile, businessmen are happy and say nothing has changed and business is running as usual despite the new faces. The old adage “money makes the mare go” is apparently true!

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