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New CM for Gujarat?

anandi ben’s failing health causes concern


WHO will be the next chief minister of Gujarat? Don’t be surprised at this question. No doubt, Anandi Ben Patel enjoys a majority and is ruling as a chief minister of the state. She does not have any threat from opponents as long as Narendra Modi remains at the helm of affairs in India. Then why will she be replaced? Sometimes in politics, one can control circumstances but health issues are unmanageable. Sources in Ahmedabad disclose that Patel has not been keeping well. She is fighting an undisclosed serious disease. The top BJP leadership is aware about the health problems of the chief minister and is in the process of relieving her. Under the circumstances, the most prominent name emerging for the coveted post is that of Saurav Patel. He is at present the Minister for Finance, Energy and Petrochemicals, Mines, Minerals, Cottage Industries, Salt Industries, Printing and Stationery, Planning, Tourism and Civil Aviation, among other portfolios. Some of these are very important departments in the state. Saurav, interestingly, is related to the most powerful business house, Reliance Industries. He is married to the first cousin of Mukesh and Anil Ambani and is the son-in-law of Ramnikbhai Ambani, elder brother of the late Dhirubhai Ambani. With the ongoing corporate war in Gujarat, it remains to be seen if Saurav will be the next chief minister or somebody else will be chosen.

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