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Pracharak makeover

new enthusiasm among workers

IF you had ever met an RSS pracharak (a dedicated full-timer) before the advent of Narendra Modi, you may have had an image of a jhola chaap social worker who keeps himself busy working for the organisation. Now, the situation is changing; pracharaks are being appointed Chief Ministers, they hold meetings with top CEOs. These powers are being bestowed on them by Modi. It all started when he made the RSS’ top brass happy and took over the reins of Gujarat as the first pracharak Chief Minister. He proved his mettle and went on to become PM of India. Now, by appointing Manohar Lal Khattar and Devendra Fadnavis as Chief Ministers, he has enthused 4,000 RSS pracharaks. Once a young man pledges to be a pracharak, he continues to be one till his last breath. The RSS sends pracharaks to work in their frontal organisations and keeps them busy. The political rise of Modi, Khattar and Fadnavis has given a new dimension to the social work of RSS workers. Modi is their new hero. Now more pracharaks can aspire to become chief ministers. With this particular fan following of 4,000, who can stop Modi from rising to new heights?

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