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RSS on wait and watch

Unperturbed by CAA fallout

MOST politicians who are out of the RSS’ sphere of influence are anxious to know where the ‘cultural organisation’ stands on the Citizenship Amendment Act or economic slowdown.  Almost two-thirds of India has been grappling with demonstrations and violence. So, the concern is obvious. Most of the cabinet ministers are silent and are just observing the situation. Approximately 15 ministers and party functionaries have been deputed to the frontlines of the perception battle to save the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Those who believe that the RSS is perturbed by the fallout of the contentious act and might force the ruling party to change its course are in for disappointment. RSS insiders inform that there are different pressure groups in the RSS. One of the groups, which is controlled by a very senior functionary, is dejected about the Modi-Shah team. This group feels that both the RSS and BJP agendas have been hijacked by the Modi-Shah duo. But to checkmate the Modi-Shah duo, this group needs the consent of the RSS chief. The other group in the RSS is happy that after 70 years, there is a leader who is keeping them in power and implementing its long promised agenda viz building the Ram Mandir, scrapping of Article 370 and bringing in the Citizenship Amendment Act. They also point out that Modi and Shah have made it possible for the RSS to enrich itself with a generous flow of funds. The RSS and its cadre are working in the field with a sense of authority. Meanwhile, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat is like the Smiling Buddha.

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