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Shadow of corruption

Growing concerns in RSS

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Chintan baithaks’ (concern meetings) are being organised within the RSS. There are two concerns of the top RSS leadership. One, how to deal with the uprising against CAA-NPR-NRC. Two, the menace of corruption and its penetration among the RSS organisation leadership. The top leadership is meeting with influential people from all walks of society and trying to understand how it has misfired and how it can be corrected. The way the uprising is strengthening, it’s feared that the BJP may lose assembly elections which are going for the polls in this year. The RSS is always cautious about the image and ideology and top leadership does not compromise on this score. A complaint related to financial irregularities by few organizational secretaries reached the top leadership. A committee was immediately formed to investigate the matter which went through minute details. Allegations of corruptions were also proved against several and sources reveal that a dozen organizational secretaries are likely to be changed. It’s noticed that for last six years, the living standards of RSS functionaries have changed. The RSS functionaries are in demand across the country by the facilitators.
The RSS functionaries never saw the aura, power and wealth in the politics in last sixty years, but being part of the ruling dispensation, they have started relishing power and reportedly it’s leading to an unabated corruption. It’s aptly said about politics, power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’? But the RSS is a social reform organisation and they have to contain corruption by all means!

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