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Globe Scan

The US Elections 2024: small number of voters in a few key states will decide the fate of Biden and Trump

By Ashe N Ayers If you don’t know US politics much – know this for sure – a US President is decided by...


Development Agenda for New India 2022

THE NITI Aayog was expected to introduce the draft development agenda for New India 2022 at the June 17 meeting of its Governing...


Too much noise

WITH the publication of  the RBI Annual Report, giving the number and value of demonetised notes coming back to the chests of the...

State Scan

Modi fails in Kashmir

WHEN Modi took over as the Prime Minister in 2014, he aroused great hopes in members of the Kashmiri Pandit community. Most people...

Eyes wide shut

Falling back on generalities

SWOOSH! Another civil service day has just passed like an ephemeral shower of April. Nothing seems to have changed a bit in government....

Narendra-Modi Indian PM

Presidential poll in Gujarat

THE presidential poll in Gujarat has just concluded. No, no, you will rudely interrupt, there was no presidential poll in Gujarat. It was...

Haryana 51 Years

Haryana – 50 years and beyond

ON November 1, 2016, a gala event was organised at Gurgaon, now Gurugram, marking the Golden Jubilee of Haryana’s creation. Prime Minster Narendra...

Haryana 51 Years

A Study in Leadership

I was Deputy Commissioner Hissar when Haryana was formed in 1966, and thus was with Haryana from the very beginning. My colleagues who...

Bric a Brac

Bric a Brac : In love with the US

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi’s United States visit is being analysed not only by politicians but among senior foreign affairs mandarins. The dignitaries from...

By the Way

By the way : Learning from the best

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working to change the dynamics of the civil services of India. As many as 175 IAS officers of...