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Silly Point : A new slogan on Kashmir

IT was with a sense of déjà vu that one heard the new slogan coined by Narendra Modi to delineate the future policy...

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Silly Point : Blessed are the poor

THE cognoscenti who keep a sharp lookout on national events must have noticed with suppressed smiles the BJP’s deliberate effort at establishing poverty...

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Silly Point : The Chinnamma drama

WE in the Aryan belt of India are lucky. We are not subjected to the kind of melodrama that was recently witnessed in...

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Silly Point : The anatomy of surgery

THESE days the only topic of conversation in the Indian sub-continent and the surrounding SAARC region is Surgery. The last time when surgery...


Comment: The Unpardonable Sin

RAHUL Baba has had many tragedies in his life, but the major calamity is the family in which he has been born. This...

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Silly Point : A modern-day churning

THOSE of you who remember the story of Samudra Manthan will recall that the Devtas led by Lord Indra had lost heaven to...

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Silly Point : The cat is out of the bag

AT last, the cat is out of the bag. What was driving diplomats around the world crazy is now making sense. Look at...

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Silly Point : After Aurangzeb, who?

A small news item tweeted that Aurangzeb Road in Lutyens’ Delhi which houses some of the richest men in India has been renamed...

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Silly Point : PM vs. PM

Modi: Sat Sri Akaal, Sardar Sahib. I hope you are well. Manmohan: I am as all right as you permit me to be,...

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Silly Point : The return of Rahul

Rahul: Come on, chaps. Don’t keep on discussing ad nauseam and wasting time. Tell me what to do. Jyotir: We told you bluntly....