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Disquieting Governance

I have been contemplating a short article on the disquieting nature of governance for some time. This desire got hastened after media reports...


Standard deduction, a mere delusion

IN the budget speech, the Finance Minister, in para 151, under the caption ‘relief to salaried taxpayers’, has accepted the contribution of such...


Governance : More than just celebration

REPORTS in the media surface occasionally about social functions like marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., being performed on sea/air and at reputed places in...

First Stirrings

Tax Man

IT was peer pressure and ease of doing studies which brought Triloki Nath Pandey, son of Chandra Nath Pandey, an accounts officer in...

preliminary examination

Governance : What are we testing?

A great number of educated youths in the country aspire to join the Indian civil services and work for the country. For being...


Governance : GST roll out – Will it impact the common man?

ALL sections of media in the country are currently engaged in the process of making an assessment of what has been achieved by...


Governance : Reforming the Income-Tax Act

IN an era of voluntary compliance under the Income Tax Act, 1961, where nearly 99 per cent of income-tax returns are being accepted...