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IN politics, there are wheels within wheels. Such enmeshing has huge impact on the corporate sector. Take the case of the six-year-old criminal fracas between industrialist and former Congress MP, Naveen Jindal, and media baron Shubhash Chandra of the Zee Group fame. Last month, the former withdrew his FIR with the Delhi Police that alleged that the editorial heads of Chandra’s two news channels tried to extort `100 crore in exchange for not airing news about Jindal group’s alleged involvement in the coal block allocation scam. Apparently, the truce was brokered by renowned Congress middlemen-MP, who is extremely close to 10, Janpath. So, a Congressman helped a former Congressman to smoke the peace pipe with a businessman, whose proximity to the BJP is well known. The day Jindal wrote to the Delhi Police to withdraw the FIR filed against Chandra, the government’s Enforcement Directorate filed a complaint for money laundering against Jindal in the same coal allocation case. Around the same time, the latter bagged a lucrative business contract from the government. The various wheels, it may seem, were truly revolving at great speeds. But this may just be the beginning of the political-business tangle in this case. After being under pressure for a long time, the businessman Jindal is trying to find his feet and stabilise his empire. He, therefore, needs to choose his battles carefully. He cannot fire on several fronts, and also leave the flanks open for counterattacks. As Sun Tzu said, “if equally matched (with the enemy), we can offer battle; if slightly inferior in numbers, we can avoid the enemy; if quite unequal in every way, we can flee from him.”

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