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new entrants line up for AAP


AS politicians of all hues and inclinations queue up to join the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the latter would do well to recall a chapter from history. Today, there are rich and influential politicians of every political colour who are not averse to their supporters (read pawns) joining the AAP. This way, they can keep track of the goings-on inside the rookie party. Sources tell us that even some industrialists are deputing their top corporates to become AAP members. Sooner or later, these pawns will be in key posts. Recently, Alka Lamba, the ex-secretary of the Congress, resigned from the party and it is believed that she will join the AAP. Lamba is an ardent supporter of industrialist Navin jindal. Her moves are being seen as part of jindal’s penetration of the AAP. To go back in time: In 1978, when the Congress was divided, PC Sethi remained in the Congress (Reddy) as he was treasurer of the party. Indira Gandhi allowed him to be there as he was holding the keys to the treasure and she did not want the janata Party to fritter it away. Congress (Reddy) was not the target of the janata Party and Sethi’s activities went unnoticed. The moment Mrs G came back to power in the 1980s, Sethi joined the Congress(I) and brought along the wealth which he had kept as custodian in the Congress (Reddy). Now, we have to see how the AAP handles the pawns!

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