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Short sighted smugness

THE letter from a retiring Chief of Army Staff to the Prime Minister that made headlines in March 2012 calling attention of the...


Rise and take the bull by its horns

CIVIL Services in India have commanded an elite status ever since the first Indian, Satyendranath Tagore, was selected as an Indian Civil Services...

Globe Scan

China’s Belt Road – Great opportunity for India

EVEN as the military stand-off between India and China at Doklam was amicably resolved on India’s terms last year, much of the media...


Diplomacy : Need for Power Projection beyond Doklam

EVER since the Chinese invasion of 1962, India-China relations have been sulking-surging through a tortuous course of politico-diplomatic-military dichotomies. That invasion, veterans would...


Chanakya in Modi’s team

WITH Prime Minister NarendraModi assuming office after a blitzkrieg electoral offensive that saw the Congress and its allies vanquished as never before, the...