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BJP gathers crores from three lobbies


THE BJP has spent whopping resources in this election. There is not a single street, circle, highway, Google, Facebook and other social sites, and newspapers across India which was not flooded with the pictures of Modi and his election slogans. All TV channels that are members of Indian Broadcasting Federation (IBF) were issued the release orders by the BJP; rest were told to carry the campaign on oral assurance. As it is an election year, the media did not trust political parties. Every political party has to pay in advance except to the small players. Some part of the deal was done through banking channels while the rest was paid in cash by BJP as briefed by media managers. The resources by BJP were collected mainly through Non-Resident Indians, a big base of the BJP, and top industrialists. The BJP and Modi do not believe in conventional fund collection. Sources disclosed a whopping collection done mainly by three highly profitable fund holders—the chemical and liquor lobby, the tobacco lobby and the arms supplier lobby. All powerful lobby facilitators were in touch with BJP Party President Amit Shah. Arms lobby representative is very active in Delhi Sikh politics. Tobacco lobby leader is one of the biggest beedi producers from Nagpur and a known Maratha politician who originally belongs to Gujarat. Third lobbyist of chemical and liquor represents a leading newspaper of India. His brother runs a chemical factory. One can call it’s a ethanol, sugar, liquor lobby as all are interconnected. Guess how much has been collected? One source close to the arm lobby put the figure at around two billion dollars. In such a scenario, who cares for loose change!

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