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kejriwal runs rings around congress


The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, puts on a straight face but actually is a chameleon politically. Sources in political circles inform that he pretends to be independent but he does what he is asked to do by powers that be. He has very intelligently trapped the Congress. Observe how stories were planted in the daily newspaper on the significance of an alliance with the Congress. The Congress could not understand Kejriwal’s gameplan. As he got the hint that the Congress is likely to go for an alliance with AAP, his lieutenants, Manish Sisodia and Gopal Rai, made it known that AAP would leave as many seats in Delhi if the Congress cedes to the demand of AAP for seats in Haryana. Punjab, it was rumoured, could be decided later. The Congress leadership could not understand the game of Kejriwal who had launched a tirade against Congress on corruption issues. Sheila Dikshit was in no mood to have an alliance with him. Ajay Maken was the only votary for an alliance. The Congress was about to go for the alliance when Punjab Chief Minister Amrinder Singh jumped in the fray and told the top leadership that there will and can be no alliance with AAP in Punjab. Now AAP and Congress are fighting separately in Haryana and Delhi, but shrewd Kejriwal was able to convey to the voters that Congress can go to any extent to have an alliance with AAP. It created doubts in the minds of the voters of Delhi. Wait and watch the next manoeuvre of Kejriwal!

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