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Book Review

Book Review : Challenges of old age care

THE sinister shadow of urbanisation, industrialisation, and atomisation of families has not only deprived the elders of the societal reverence, traditional family love...


NAMAMI GANGE : Purifying the Purifier

FOR countless millions, the ‘tripathgamini’ Ganga, the story of India’s civilization, is a river of eternal faith and deliverance, a ‘baitarni’. The promise...


MPs maange more!

STUNG by public criticism over MPs determining their own pay packets, the government is evidently setting up an independent Emoluments Commission. The All...


MPs: Do’s and don’ts?

EVERY Member of Parliament has to make and subscribe to an oath or affirmation, before taking his seat in Parliament, that he will...


Demographic bulge ahead!

INDIA has traditionally enjoyed a robust joint family system taking care of elderly persons. However, the sweeping currents of globalisation and transcending cultures...


Strengthening the AERB

RADIATION and radioactive substances have many beneficial applications, ranging from power generation to uses in medicine, industries and agriculture but the risks that...