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India Inc. in distress

This is the age of terror – physical (blasts, shootings, and crashes), cyber-warfare (Russia’s alleged influence on elections in the US, Latin America,...

Debt Burden
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Experts praised it. Former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley gloated over its achievements. Several entrepreneurs hailed its efforts. But when one examines the intricacies...

Jai Shankar
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Jaishankar in cabinet; next, F-16 in IAF

Whether or not Narendra Modi delivers on any other election promises, one goal he will realize, with S Jaiskankar, the former Foreign Secretary...

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Political Catastrophe

THE business of politics, today, is more important than politics. In fact, politics is now taken over by business, either in terms of...

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Will there be a Parliamentfor the People?

The Context THE crawling process to elect the 17th Lok Sabha is nearing completion. Political parties are working overtime to capture power and...

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BUDDHIST texts have often referred to the analogy of a finger and the moon. Even the late Bruce Lee used it in a...

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Let’s lure voters – again

In this century, national elections across the globe are rigged on social media. Online social networks can make or mar any election, be...

indian democracy
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Challenge of 2019 : A Parliament for the people, not politicians

RECLAIM the Republic”, these are the words resonating these days in the intellectual circles and is trickling down to the grassroots as a...

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UNFORTUNATELY, or fortunately, Agenda 2019 will comprise the same issues as Agenda 2014. Despite a political wave a few years ago, and flamboyant...

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Reform or perish

THERE are no issues. But there is an issue. And the issue is a question. And the question is the issue. Will Narendra...