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Reclaiming the Indian Republic

INDIAN Republic has turned 70. In the run up to India’s independence, the Constituent Assembly was entrusted with the task of drafting a...

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Almost seven decades ago the Indian Constitution came into force. Its Preamble had key words that were aimed to create an idea of...

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Farmer Crisis Waiting to explode

THESE three incidents are symptomatic of the crisis in Indian agriculture and industry. In past 22 years, more than 3,30,000 farmers have committed...

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Promoting Cooperative Farm Start-Ups

THE Niti Aayog’s Strategy Document for “New India @75” highlights that India is the third largest country in terms of the number of...

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Crisis in Indian Agriculture: Can it be Overcome?

AGRICULTURE anywhere has two aspects—land and man, or farm and farmer. Both are equally important, though policy makers and agricultural experts often take...

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The chosen ones

PRESIDENT SECRETARIAT Sanjay Kothari (IAS) Current Posting: Secretary to the President Secretariat Batch: 1978 Cadre: Haryana Domicile: Uttar Pradesh The former Haryana cadre...

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Catch me if you can

Ravi Ramaswamy Parthasarathy perfected the art of networking and science of logical persuasion. He carefully built contacts in financial, political, bureaucratic and business...

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The House of Cards Ravi Built

The mismatch or the leverage paint used to hide the widening cracks IN most cases, the problem generally lies with over-leverage, or creating...

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Crime and Politics

THE July 3, 2018, Supreme Court’s directive on the appointment of the DGPs has revived the debate on Police reforms. Rejecting a petition...

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Fear remains the key

THE police is the most visible face of the state. The level of how civilised a country is can be roughly gauged by...