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Dinner with Rahul

Young MPs rally around


A crucial meeting was organised by Rahul Gandhi and his trusted MPs. But at that dinner at his Delhi residence, no one raised the most critical question – who will be the next Congress President, now that Rahul has firmly said no to the post. The MPs, instead, talked about other political and emotional issues. The young MP from Assam, Gaurav Gogoi, highlighted the need for a ‘New Congress’ across the country. Tamil Nadu’s S Jothimani showed concern about the fact that in her state, once a bastion of the Congress, the party had become a crutch of regional parties like the DMK. Kerala’s MP, RemyaHaridas, became emotional. She said that several individuals like her entered politics after they were inspired by Rahul Gandhi, who had now decided to give up the party’s leadership. In response, Rahul assured her that he wasn’t running away from politics or the party, and he had worked 24×7 for the Congress. But his efforts didn’t work, and his image was tarred because of a few senior leaders. He explained that in the future, all the crucial decisions will be taken by a core committee of the party, which will be responsible for their successes and failures. But not surprisingly, as is the Congress culture, as many as 10 top-ranking leaders are busy to lay their claims on the party presidentship. But the young MPs around Rahul didn’t seem too interested in them.

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