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The RSS factor

Modi has the upper hand


The general perception is that the RSS has influence on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Earlier, it was partially correct. Today, it is the other way around. Modi, an RSS insider, understands the intricacies and nuances of the ideological organisation as well the mindset of its key leaders. Before the Parliamentary Elections, Modi was aware that RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had reservations about his working style, and that of the government. The Prime Minister promptly met Bhagwat to assuage his feelings. However, it is equally true that the RSS finds itself in a bind. It cannot publicly criticise Modi, as it will impact the status of both. As of now, reveal insiders, Modi and his key lieutenant, Amit Shah, have planned a new political and social roadmap, in which a trusted and loyal workforce will implement their decisions irrespective of the diktats, orders, and hints from the RSS. In the near future, the Modi-Shah combine has an edge as most of the RSS leaders are over 70 years, and will no longer be a force to reckon with within a decade. The ‘Modi Effect’ on the RSS will be visible when a new leader takes over from Bhagwat. Sources disclosed that the Prime Minister is in favour of DattatreyaHosabale, Sahserkaryavahak, as the two enjoy a good equation. Hosabale has begun to nurture young RSS pracharaks to prepare them for the future. The RSS has contrary opinions on several issues like education with the government. But it doesn’t want any mediators between itself and the government.

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