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Headhunt for the privileged

Consulting firms’ new strategy


Some of the top global consultancy firms operating in India like PWC, KPMG and Ernst & Young are reportedly on the prowl to headhunt sons and daughters born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Those belonging to senior bureaucrats and minsters are specially coveted and are recruited at enormous salaries. The big consultancy firms that often work with the government on policy matters besides engaging in lobbying on behalf of corporate houses under the guise of domain experts are increasingly using such privileged recruitments as a route to gain valuable access to key decision-makers in the country. Recently, PWC allegedly recruited the son of a very important minister in the Modi cabinet while KPMG is understood to have got the son of a very senior bureaucrat on its rolls. It is learnt that both the “illustrious” sons have been recruited as consultants at astronomical salaries that is hardly commensurate with their experience in their respective fields. Interestingly, soon after their recruitment, both firms bagged big government projects worth hundreds of crores. However, the ploy to recruit privileged children is not entirely new to India. In the hoary days of Dhirubhai Ambani, the canny Gujarati businessman perfected the art of recruiting sons and daughters of important bureaucrats and ministers at handsome salaries. It is well known that Dhirubhai had the unique ability take correct calls regarding his business before any major policy initiatives or changes were announced.

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