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Journos rush in…

…baghel romps home


Chhattisgarh is a gold mine state of India. Name an industrial house and they are present in the state. So, the changed political scenario saw industrialists rushing to meet Rahul Gandhi. Bhupesh Baghel, five times MLA, aced the CM race over his competitor TS Singhdeo. Sources informed that a few journalists emerged as Baghel’s rescuer.

So an investigative journalist went snooping and finally dug out documents exposing Singhdeo’s connection with influential industrialist Gautam Adani, which he handed over to Rahul Gandhi. Not surprisingly, Singhdeo was knocked out of the CM race. Another chief ministerial contender Tamradhwaj Sahu faced opposition in the party itself, because allegedly he is known for his penchant for ‘money-for-posts’. So Baghel struck the jackpot– probably why at least four of his journo friends are now on the CM’s advisory panel.

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