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New job for security

visitor detail is now reported

IF you are a regular visitor to a Minister or a Senior Secretary’s house and his/her house is well guarded by NSG or Central Government security personnel, then be careful. It is learnt that the Home Ministry has issued an order to report complete details of all visitors, including VIPs. One of the important ministers located at Udyog Bhawan informed that the atmosphere has become so vicious in the government that all ministers are scared. The minister informed, in our government, there are leaders who conspire, investigate and inform on us to the powers that be. There is a lady minister in the government, who has a habit of going out with her husband for late night parties. She returns around 3 a.m. Security personnel have reported her movements but she does not care. Most ministers are aware of the order but seasoned politicians well-versed in the intrigues of government know how to play smart with the powers that be.

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