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Patra seeks LS ticket

ready to take on new delhi


THE power of television is such that it can make a politician rise froma persona non grata to a national celebrity. One glaring example is BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra, a surgeon turned politician. He is popular among BJP workers for his unmatched arguments. The turnaround seems to have gone to his head and he has started using foul language in various debates. The BJP’s top leadership has warned him not to use abrasive language on screen many times but the so-called linguistic expert Patra is not ready bow down. Patra is reportedly enraged at not being considered for Rajya Sabha nomination. But he has not given up and wants to enter Parliament by all means. Sources disclosed that he wanted to contest from Behrampur parliamentary constituency in Odisha but Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister for Petroleum is not inclined to allot a ticket to him. Now, Patra desires to contest from New Delhi constituency. Wait and watch how Meenakshi Lekhi, the BJP MP from New Delhi, will challenge Sambit Patra.

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